Working Papers

Dust to Dust: Tracing Air Pollution’s Impact on Work Accidents
with Benjamin Hattemer

Presented at: 24th EAERE Annual Conference, KU Leuven; 2nd Young AERNA Day, University of Girona; 10th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics; Early Career Workshop on the Environment, Climate Change and Disasters, Gran Sasso Science Institute; 1st International Conference of the Georgian Economic Association; Microeconometrics Working Group, EUI; Norges Bank; Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union
Coverage: La Fonte
Abstract This study offers novel causal estimates of the effect of air pollution on workplace accidents. We focus on a near world-wide natural source of air pollution: dust precipitation. We use administrative data on the universe of work accidents reported in Spain. Our estimates imply that an average day of dust precipitation induces a 1.2 percent increase in work accidents. We find these effects are pervasive for workers of different occupations, income levels and demographic characteristics. We also provide evidence supporting temporary impairment of physical and cognitive performance as the main causal channel.

Work in Progress

Portfolio Choices and Bank Branches
with Jin Cao , Kasper Roszbach , and Marina Sanchez del Villar

Other Publications

The Spanish survey of household finances (EFF): description and methods of the 2014 wave [Link]
with Olympia Bover , Laura Crespo , and Carlos Gento